Maxim Suraev: «… Why is the same Elon Musk successful …»

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Maxim Suraev, pilot-cosmonaut, participant of six space missions, deputy of the State Duma, took part today

It is clear that he, apparently, could not speak as directly as he would like. Especially considering the recent scandalous dismissal of a real professional, not a «journalist», Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Russian Federation at the same time, who spent 803 days in space, Executive Director for manned space programs of Roscosmos, Sergei Krikalev. But Maxim Suraev was asked, including a question about Krikalev. And from his answer it was clear that, to put it mildly, he was annoyed with this decision.

However, even according to the following words of Maxim Suraev, it is clear what he thinks and how he assesses what is happening in the national cosmonautics.

… And what do we get, we have a monopolist Energia, we have monopolists there who are part of the structure of the same Roscosmos, Khrunichev, and so on and so forth. And you see, here I am, from my experience in manned astronautics, when you arrive, you say, there are problems that are not worth a damn, well, look, here it is just a little filed by 3 cm and it will be cool. Here, let’s not get these black thumb-thick bolts … how to attach the weight, because look, it’s all already decided. Let’s say the same Europeans and Americans just have bags in which the cargo is located. Well, let’s do it. Well, some things that can in principle be painlessly implemented, and they have already been implemented even by our colleagues. But excuse me, no one here ever even moves, because a raven will not peck out a raven’s eyes. If energy creates a task for itself, if it produces, if it exploits, and then, I don’t know, the astronaut will be rewarded according to the results of the assessment of the work …

… If the office

Not only ordinary citizens, but even people with titles and more significant professional weight have to remember the ability to speak «Aesopian language».

To some questions Maxim Suraev answered unequivocally — “…

Is it worth asking Rogozin in principle?

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