Martian helicopter Ingenuity is ready to fly on Sunday.

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On the eve of the first in the history of mankind, and Mars, flight of the terrestrial aircraft in the air of Mars, the Ingenuity electric helicopter «warmed up» its engine. The rotor was unlocked on the helicopters and the blades were «scrolled».

The flight is scheduled for Sunday, April 11

The most interesting thing about the #ingenuity blades spinning test is that the engine’s operability has been confirmed, as well as the fact that the helicopter’s lithium batteries are not frozen, are in working order, and receive the necessary energy from the solar battery unit, which are located above the helicopter rotor.

Recall that the #nasa Ingenuity helicopter, which was delivered to Mars along with the #perseverance rover, weighs only 1.8 kg. Its flight over the delta of the Jezero crater will take place in an autonomous mode. It is assumed that in the first flight, the helicopter will have to

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