Malanka installs new accelerated charging complexes in Minsk.

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The development of electric road transport and charging infrastructure in Minsk is very dynamic. The question of who is the main one in the development of electric transport — the electric vehicle itself or the charging station — was decided by itself — the main condition is the balanced development of both charging infrastructure and financial conditions for the purchase of used electric transport.

The very center of the city, in the parking lots, there are identical accelerated charging stations, opposite which there are electric cars and are peacefully charging.

Owners of electric cars are both private individuals and already companies that deliver goods and documents in the city of Minsk.
The most popular electric vehicles are #nissan leaf, #bmw i3, #fiat 500e, #chevrolet bolt, and of course the legend in the world of electric vehicles #tesla model s.

The popularity of these trains is very reasonable. In those countries where they were once bought new, there are rules and traditions to change a three-year-old electric car for an updated model or a completely new one. In this regard, used electric trains arrive in Belarus and are already quite noticeable on the streets of the city.

For several years now, there has been a positive trend in the use of electric transport in Belarus, and this applies to both public and personal transport. There are two reasons for this transition. Firstly, electric transport is more environmentally friendly in comparison with the traditional one and its massive use will only benefit Minsk and other large cities. Here they really care about the ecology of the surrounding space, where a person lives! And secondly, in connection with the commissioning of the Belarusian NPP, a stable source of electricity appeared in the country at predicted prices, which will stimulate the development of the electric direction in the transport industry.

More than 2.5 thousand electric vehicles are registered in Belarus today. Their number continues to grow exponentially and, according to some data, by 2030 there will be about 435 thousand electric vehicles on Belarusian roads, or about 14% of the national vehicle fleet.
In particular, owners of electric vehicles are exempt from paying fees for issuing a permit for admission to road traffic. Individuals do not need to pay VAT when importing electric vehicles into Belarus for personal use. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to return the amount of VAT paid when purchasing an electric vehicle within the limits of 500 base units. From January 1, 2021, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus has set a new baseline level, which now amounts to 27 Belarusian rubles. That is, converting 500 basic units into Russian rubles, we get 394,723 rubles! Agree, this is a great incentive to buy an electric car! In addition, owners of electric vehicles are exempted from parking fees in specially equipped places in communal car parks until January 1, 2026.

So, let’s take a look at a real example of the development of corporate environmentally friendly transport in Minsk. Andrey Krasnov — multifaceted and progressive personality, founder of the company

Andrey has been working in the kitchen for seventeen years, six of which in Lithuania and five in Norway. He took over from the World Sushi Cup prize-winner. After 5 years in Norway, meeting and working with world professionals, there was a desire to create your own place, to put all your experience, vision and principles into it. This is how the AjiA brand was born.

AjiA’s mission is to introduce people to the right Japanese cuisine, diversifying it with # omakase culture, inviting guests to trust the choice of a brand chef and serve up dishes that the #chef prepares especially for you.

On the company’s website, in the delivery section, the slogan is already flaunting — ENVIRONMENTAL DELIVERY!

The #bmw i3 electric car in bright colors delivers products to its customers and this already clearly distinguishes the style of the company and its obvious, practical concern for the ecology of the city. As for the practicality and financial savings on the maintenance of the BMW i3 electric vehicles, it is very clear. This is a separate topic for a detailed conversation and interview with those who already operate #electric vehicles.

May 29, 2021 at the center of technical sports «Moscow»

electrofest is the largest exhibition-fair that brings together like-minded people and enthusiasts in various issues of using commercial, personal and sports electric vehicles, exchange of experience in production, operation, service, tuning and technical creativity, teaching safe driving skills.

The festival is supported by the city of Moscow, Moskomsport,

We are pleased to invite owners of electric vehicles and companies developing charging infrastructure in Belarus to visit our event!

Applications for participation in ELECTROFEST 2021

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