Lexus World Premiere — LF-Z Concept

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On April 19 in Shanghai, one of the modern centers of the global electromobility industry, the international auto show Auto Shanghai 2021 opens. The whole event is called the «19th Shanghai International Automotive Industry Exhibition». One of the intriguing premieres of this motor show will be the presentation of an electric vehicle concept from Lexus — the LF-Z concept.

Yes, no matter how we criticized #toyota for their slowness and indecision in the direction of the full electrification of their lineup, it seems that global trends are doing their job, and the Japanese auto giant will still have to start producing full-fledged electric vehicles. But since Lexus is still a premium brand from Toyota, you shouldn’t expect any budget car. It will be a luxury crossover class.

As for the electrification of the Lexus brand, then everything is quite natural. A significant share of sales falls on the markets of the USA, China and Europe, and there the demand for electric vehicles is growing by leaps and bounds, in parallel, sales of fossil-fuel vehicles are falling. A new generation of young motorists is demanding an environmentally friendly car. And Toyota has no choice but to obey the demands of the market and buyers, so as not to lose its clientele at all, and offer an all-electric model of the Lexus brand. As stated in a press release from Toyota, «By 2025, Lexus will introduce 20 new car models, including BEV, PHEV, HEV and other electric vehicles …». «Other electric vehicles» could mean that the lineup will be like hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. In any case, we are witnessing that the Course of History forced one of the largest automakers to make the only right decision — to embark on the path of full-fledged electrification of its model range.

Based on the company’s press release, in fact, Toyota did not reinvent the wheel, and the layout of the platform of Lexus electric vehicles will be classic. That is, it will be a flat battery pack, which is the basis of the platform, and electric motors on each of the axles. # Toyota describes this as «… the ideal dynamic balance achieved through the optimal placement of the battery and electric motors …». That is exactly what made Tesla the standard for electric vehicle engineering.

By the way, you can pay attention to some «Teslava» notes in the new concept from #lexus. First of all, these are, of course, door handles that slide out of the plane of the door.

The «samurai» are certainly too proud to directly admit the incorrectness of their previous statements regarding Tesla and electric vehicles in general. Maybe we won’t hear enthusiastic speeches about electric cars in the words of Toyota’s management. But we will definitely hear about the innovation and manufacturability of Toyota and Lexus, and we will definitely see the gradual electrification of the model range of the world’s # 2 car manufacturer, after Tesla, of course. Realizing the power of the company, its technical and financial resources, I believe that the gradual transformation of production will not be as painful as for many other companies.

Toyota was for some time practically a «bastion» of electromotive skeptics who threw this card every time in disputes. Now she’s a bit, by Toyota itself. The only question is where in this process, and in this new world will Russia be! Will our country, or rather the authorities to the last, hold on to obsolete technology, or will it allow new fresh winds to enter, which will give energy for the development of new technologies and businesses, for the benefit of people, the environment and the country’s economy?

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