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The Government of Belarus this month approved the Republican Comprehensive Program for the Development of Electric Transport for 2021–2025, which is enshrined in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers dated April 9, 2021, No. 213. It is planned that the implementation of the program will solve the problems of organizing the production of freight, passenger, specialized, light and individual electric transport in the republic, localizing basic components and infrastructure elements, as well as creating infrastructure for electric transport, including in the form of a developed nationwide network of electric charging stations (EZS) …

The Resolution emphasizes that the comprehensive development of electric transport in Belarus will create new points of economic growth, as well as ensure the solution of issues «

For several years Belarus has been pursuing a consistent policy of creating conditions for the development of the entire spectrum of electric transport and infrastructure. Investments are being made in the development and production of electric vehicles, ranging from electric personal mobility aids to electric buses. The republic produces its own charging stations, and the state oil company # Belarusneft is creating a network of charging stations for electric vehicles under the #malanka brand. The process is progressing at a good pace, and the new decision of the Government of Belarus confirms the strategic nature of the development of this area.

The general provisions of the Resolution provide an objective assessment and statistics showing global trends in the development of the electromobility industry. Given that the statistics are given for 2019, one must understand that even the 2020 crisis not only did not slow down the global trend for electromobilization, but even rooted and developed it, while at the same time reducing the purchase of gasoline and diesel cars from consumers.

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One of the most important and interesting points of the Comprehensive Program are the points of the subsection «Scientific support for the development of electric transport», which lists the tasks that are important both for the development and production of electric transport, and its subsequent operation, and # recycling of components. I would especially like to emphasize the moment about

Here are a few more points of the Comprehensive Program aimed at creating scientific groundwork for increasing the number of used vehicles on electric traction through the development of:

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Belarus in the post-Soviet space is the undisputed leader in the electrification of the transport sector. To a large extent, this is the merit of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko personally, who not only managed to preserve the Soviet production potential that the republic inherited after the collapse of the #U.S.R., but modernized it, and now, personally controlling the process, is leading the republic into a new transport and energy era. Dear readers, discard political demagoguery and look at real deeds. They speak for themselves!

The program that I tried to describe in this article is so voluminous that it is simply impossible to present it within the framework of one article. Therefore, you yourself can study it,

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Belaz was commissioned to develop, manufacture and test a prototype of a battery-powered mining dump truck. JSC # Maz should create an electric cargo vehicle with a gross weight of no more than 12,000 kg, a carrying capacity of 4400 kg and a cruising range of at least 200 km. The power of the power plant should be 130 kW, and the capacity of the lithium-ion battery is 175 kW * h.