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The American companies XERIANT AEROSPACE and XTI Aircraft announced that they start working together to promote the TRIFAN 600 hybrid-electric aircraft services to the market. Certification and start of operation should take place until the end of 2024.

The name of the TRIFAN aircraft name already suggests that it will be three electric motors. Two engines will be located on the wings, one on the wing, respectively, and one in the rear of the fuselage. Muscular layout reminds # Symbiosis convertoplane MV-22 OSPREY and F-35 fighter. That is, the engines located on the wings will operate in horizontal and vertical planes. When takeoff, they will work in a horizontal plane. Thus, the landing will take place. And in the air they go into a vertical plane, providing cruising flight. Actually, the same scheme is applied to #OSPREY convertoplas. The engine located in the rear of the fuselage will work only on takeoff and landing, as is done in # F-35 (

At first, TRIFAN 600 will not be completely electric aircraft. He will have a hybrid power plant. Moreover, the engine Catalyst engine GE Aviation will play the role of exclusively generator whose energy will be supplied to # batteries and # electromotors. Also plans to install the solar panels at the top of the fuselage to provide food while the aircraft is on Earth. As they say to the XTI Aircraft, the company that directly develops the machine, as they develop batteries and hydrogen technologies, they will be ready to make their # aircraft completely non-emission, and at the same time without damage to performance and range.

To implement this project, the partner company will create a new company, where their share of each will be distributed by 50/50 formula. The new company will be called «Eco-Aero».

The TRIFAN 600 fleeting prototype of the TRIFAN 600 aircraft will be built by April 2023. And two more prototypes of the aircraft will be built for testing and certification.

The creators say that their aircraft in the future will become a real alternative and a strong competitor to the small and medium aviation segment, and will compete both with classic aircraft and with helicopters. In the basic configuration, the #TRIFAN 600 will be designed for six passengers, and in the case of a «taxi» for nine. Despite the fact that the hybrid «convertoplan» exists so far only in the concept and technical documentation, he has already received $ 202 in the amount of $ 6.5 million, which includes 40 solid orders, 40 options from one unnamed client, as well as 122 obligations supported by cash deposits.

Looking at TRIFAN 600, it can be quite possible that the aircraft can have a commercially successful future. It can be a mannerer as a helicopter, while quick and comfortable, as an airplane. And it was only a matter of time when a concept of converter, upgrading it, will be applied in commercial aviation. The development of this scheme was possible due to the fact that the team contains engineers from Cessna, Leonardo, Sikorsky, Bell and Boeing.

What about applications in the future in the passenger version of the battery technologies I will not speak, but the use of hydrogen and fuel cells is quite possible. Now the future TRIFAN 600 range is declared at 1200 km, with cruising speed of about 555 km / h, and the ceiling is about 9 km.

In parallel, the cargo unmanned version of TRIFAN — TRIFAN 200 EVTOL is developed. He also will be hybrid at first.

Robert Label, CEO of XTI Aircraft, «TRIFAN 200 aircraft will open a new important market for XTI to meet the needs of freight and logistics operators throughout the world.»

There is another interesting point. The American Creators of TRIFAN is currently negotiating with an unnamed Estonian company, which will carry out some project work on the project.

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