Key points of Joe Biden’s climate program, voiced by him at the Online Climate Summit

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An Online Climate Summit took place this week, which

Our union # Belarus this month

The organizer of the summit, US President Joe Biden, in his speech at the conference, highlighted several main tasks that his administration will solve.

These are very ambitious tasks, but their solution will give not only an ecological, but also an economic effect. As these projects are implemented, new technologies, production facilities and high-tech jobs will be created. All of this will generally contribute to the growth of the new «green» economy. Previous US President #Donald Trump treated these issues with open malice, which pushed away millions of potential voters who live in states where these projects are already being implemented, and who work in new economy companies — electric vehicle manufacturers, solar and wind energy companies. infrastructure companies and services.

Today, even hardened skeptics understand that the issues of climate and the new industry are not only important, but absolutely topical, including in the post-Soviet space.

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