Karma Automotive and Blue World Technology Create an electric vehicle using methanol fuel cells

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California company

Currently, test models GS-6 with methanol fuel cells are tested in # USA and Denmark, and they will last several months.

How they write in #karma automotive «# electric car

Methanol is a coating fuel carrier of hydrogen, which is already sold worldwide, and it can be stored and disseminated using the existing infrastructure in many countries of the world. As a green alternative to fossil fuel, methanol can be performed using renewable sources that provide neutral CO 2 emissions

Karma Automotive is not a major manufacturer of electric vehicles. I will not say that they work under the order, but the volume of production is not the most impressive. At the same time, the company invests in the development of various electrification decisions, including to work out the installation of fuel cells for hydrogen, ethanol and methanol. It is difficult to say what kind of commercial return on it will. But Karma Automotive has every chance to have the opportunity to be able to offer its customers that car, and on the basis of the energy carrier, what they want. And this versatility can be a good goat.

MADS FRIIS Jensen, Commercial Director and Co-founder Blue World Technologies, «We are very pleased with the cooperation with Karma and see a great potential in combining their experience in the field of hybridization and transmission solutions with our flexible concept of fuel cells, which is suitable for integrating the engine compartment, so And to integrate the skateboard platform. «

Omnivorous, that is, a multi-fuel car can be used and run and run into production. Only its price will be as exclusive as the electrocars themselves from Karma.

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