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On May 21, speaking at the Russian educational marathon «New Knowledge», Elon Musk, figuratively speaking, blew the brains of many «experts», bloggers, and journalists who had previously worked out a defamation program for Musk personally, and his companies Tesla and SpaceX. After all, what to do and what to write when Musk is invited and represented by the President’s press secretary to a conference for direct communication with student Russia, and one of the high-ranking officials of the Presidential Administration is sympathetic? But the reaction of officials and regional leaders is much more interesting.

As I wrote earlier, almost immediately on the words of Elon Musk that he was considering the possibility of building a Tesla plant in Russia, they reacted

Following these, a number of leaders of Russian regions also proposed to the Mask the territories of their regions and republics for the construction of the Tesla plant.

Each area has its own advantages. Somewhere, like in the Rostov region, wind energy is actively developing, which is a big plus, since the «green» electricity from which the plant can be powered significantly reduces the «carbon footprint» of the final product. In the Sverdlovsk region there is a special economic zone «Titanium Valley» with an established infrastructure and tax preferences. Kaluga and Vladimir regions also have the appropriate infrastructure, where several automobile plants are already operating, including Volvo, Volkswagen, Volgabas.

And by the way, those who think that the new initiative of the Russian governors at the invitation of Elon Musk is something unusual, and maybe even unacceptable, they are greatly mistaken. Governors are obliged to defend the interests of their territories, citizens living there, and strive to create new jobs. So everything is quite natural here. Let me remind you that before the construction of the Giga Texas began, the governors of many US states vied with each other to invite Tesla to their place. The same thing happened in India. And even though because of the pandemic storm, there is no need to talk about the construction of a plant in India, but I suppose, when everything is settled, we will find out which Indian state offered the best conditions and infrastructure. And a plant in India, of course, will, since it will open for Tesla not only the multimillion-dollar auto market of India itself, which experts estimate for Tesla is about 80 to 100 million potential buyers, but also the entire Asia-Pacific market of countries where they use right-hand drive cars.

The Russian market here, of course, looks modest, but we must remember that we have the Eurasian Economic Union, and yet, for more efficient work on it, Tesla is desirable to have its own production here. According to some insider sources, the governors were asked to stop calling Musk to him. What is the reason for this is not yet clear. There is an assumption that the site for the future Tesla plant in Russia has already been determined.

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