In Russia, sales of electric vehicles increased significantly in the 1st quarter of 2021

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The Russian market for electric vehicles continues to grow, and this year, judging by its growth rates, it may increase by at least 50% compared to the previous 2020, and under an optimistic scenario, growth may be several times. I agree

This growth is largely due to the zeroing of customs duties on electric vehicles imported into Russia, which entered into force on May 4, 2020 throughout the #EUU (Eurasian Economic Union) territory. The amount of benefit, of course, would be even more significant if the # vat were also zeroed, but the bonus with duties was enough for advanced citizens of the country to start buying electric cars more actively.

The indisputable and long-term choice of the majority of Russians who want to switch to electric cars is the #nissan leaf AZE0, which has already earned the title of «People’s Electric Vehicle». In the first quarter of this year, 1,078 were purchased. Its cheapness in the secondary market, with at the same time stable and reliable quality, has made this electric car the most recognizable on Russian roads.

The range of prices for Nissan Leaf AZE0 ranges from 450 thousand rubles. up to 850 thousand rubles, which is comparable to the new # Renault Logan in terms of the upper bar, but at the same time the new car owner gets all the advantages of owning an electric car — less maintenance costs, free parking, no need to pay insane money for gasoline, and so on .. …

As for the market of new electric vehicles, here the far from budget #porsche Taycan with 135 units is the clear leader, followed by #audi e-tron, #tesla Model 3 and X, and Nissan Leaf ZE1.

Critics of electromobility will of course say these are small numbers. I disagree with this judgment. Despite all the counter-propaganda regarding electric vehicles, their market is only growing every year, at least 50% per year. And we are witnessing an upward trend in this growth. You also need to understand that those who bought an electric car do not live in a vacuum, but in society, surrounded by relatives, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. And of course, the electric vehicle shares with them his impressions and skills, and thanks to this word of mouth, the number of electric vehicles will only increase. Already today it has become a rather significant factor in the Russian economy. Such large companies as #Rosseti, RusHydro, #Rosneft, regional energy sales companies, #MGTS and others are working to open new public charging points. Yes, in our country this process is not as active as in China, Europe or the United States, but it still exists.

Whatever one may say, but electric mobilization cannot be stopped or slowed down, even in Russia. While the “analysts” will continue to dissuade Russians from buying electric cars, the citizens of our country will be guided by the benefits for their family budget, because, in the end, the “refrigerator” always wins over the “TV”. And having seen a clear benefit for the family budget, especially if the family lives in their own home, they will ultimately prefer the electric car.

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