In Russia, a robust demand for Virgin Galactic shares was recorded

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This morning at the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange was recorded almost an attached demand for the shares of the private space company Richard Branson Virgin Galactic. At the moment, the exchange table records a rise in stock exchange rate by 35.54%, relative to the closing price on previous trading.

The growth of the course was also accompanied by an unusually high trading volume on this position. What is happening forced the management of the Exchange to suspend trading in this position, since according to the rules of the financial organization, if in the main trading regimen of any company changes by 20% within 10 minutes in a row, the suspension of work on this position is announced. True, this measure was valid today. Trade in Virgin Galactic shares was stopped at 08:17, and already 08:47 they were continued.

Similar trend is observed over the ocean. On #Nasdaq Previous Bidding with Virgin Galactic shares closed in plus by 6.36%, and Primarket now shows + 26.72%

The cause of such a significant increase in the company’s shares of the company, and interest on it from portfolio investors has become

Although the #SpaceShipTwo commercial use also passes for some time, two more test flights. But the company’s forthcoming test flights, Sir # Richard Branson, will be present in one of the upcoming test flights as a passenger of the ship.

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