Ilon Mask about the possibility of traveling outside the solar system

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Ilon Mask on the Marathon «New Knowledge» about the possibility of traveling beyond the limits of the solar system | Elon Marathon on the New Knowledge of Traveling Beyond The Solar System

I’m Moscow

Many things that Mask now does seem fantastic. But the same fantastic was once cars, airplanes, mobile phones, not to mention the fact that space programs will develop private companies. However, this is all today, it works, and proves its effectiveness.

More than once it was said that all the projects of Ilona Mask are interconnected, and in course the result is on the main purpose — the expansion of humanity in the solar system, and then in the galaxy. But in order to achieve this, you need to forgive a million small steps, perhaps sometimes stumbling and falling. But all the time you have to get up, see the goal, and go to her. And of course, you will not constantly «support goodwires.» So it was always, and it will always be.

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