Ilon Mask about flights beyond the limits of the solar system and can hydrogen cars be able to oust batteries

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Ilon Mask on the Marathon «New Knowledge» about flights beyond the solar system and whether hydrogen cars will be able to oust battery electric cars | Elon Mask at the New Knowledge Marathon Flying Beyond The Solar System and Whether Hydrogen Cars Can Replace Battery Electric Cars

I am glad that Ilona questions were exclusively on topics of work of his companies and everything connected with it. Although, of course, some questions, my personal look, were somewhat naive. For example, the question about hydrogen cars. I have no doubt that hydrogen transport will be. But here there will be the same distribution in segments, as it used to be with gasoline and diesel. That is, easy, personal and commercial transport will be most accurate, and heavy cargo, commercial, public, rail, sea and aviation will largely be hydrogen. There will be more «admixtures» and methanol fuel cells.

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