I will hit the «green» bonds on diesel buses.

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At the Moscow Exchange, the 74th issue of bonds of the urban bond (internal) loan of Moscow took place. By decision of the Government of Moscow, the bonds of this issue are considered «green», since money from their placement will go, including funding and refinancing urban environmental projects to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gas from motor vehicles. Due to these funds, they will finance the replacement of diesel buses of the Moscow Public Transport Park on # Electrobus.

The initial volume of production amounted to 70 billion rubles. However, the demand for them when placed was 20% higher than the volume of release. As a result, the amount of applications for the purchase of seven-year-old «green» bonds of the capital amounted to 86.3 billion rubles. The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) confirmed the compliance of the 74th issue of the principles of sustainable development of the UN and included securities into the appropriate registry. According to the concept of green bonds of Moscow, the issue corresponded to the principles of green bonds — 2018 (International Capital Market Market Association, ICMA), as well as methodological recommendations for the development of investment activities in the field of green financing in the Russian Federation developed by » VEB.RF. «

As the # Government of Moscow notes, the emissions of pollutants of one bus of the Euro-4 buse make up 290.5 kilograms per year, and the ecological class «Euro-5» — 219 kilograms per year. The indirect emissions of pollutants from the recharging of one electrical consist of only about 30 kilograms per year. Carbon dioxide emissions from a diesel bus on average are estimated at 64.9 tons per year, and emissions from the electrobus are 4.4 tons per year. And it should be understood that the «emissions» of the electricals are considered to be equivalent to the emission of electricity carried out during generation, which is charging. And even this indicator can be considered different. If you take a generation fuel balance across the country, there will be one indicator if you consider depending on the primary generation in a specific region, then these will be different numbers. For example, there are regions of the country where the main share of electricity comes from # HPP, where, as in Moscow, all # TPPs are translated into natural gas, and of course there are regions where in energy balance still there are coal. But as I «landscaping» energy balance, that is, the withdrawal of coal from it, and adding more energy from the # NPP and renewable generation, respectively, «emissions» from electric transport will be even lower than those indicators that are noted above.

Today, there are a little more than 600 electric drives in the Moscow Bus Park, and in the plans of the Moscow Government for the coming years to acquire even 1600 electricians.

A part of the bonds received from the placement of «green» bonds will also go to the financing of the construction of a large annular line (BLK) metro.

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