How ecology penetrates in the sphere of life

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The economy is a system-forming science of any state. Because the well-being and well-being of citizens depends on the effectiveness of its principles. However, the global financial crisis indicates the incorrect economic mechanisms chosen by the heads of states. After all, governments, first of all, create modern market conditions.

First of all, the degeneration of economic mechanisms is associated with distortion in the value orientation of humanity. As a result, today our world looks like a swan cancer and pike in Basne I. A. Krylova. Global powers are taking powerful movements: each — in its direction, but the development is on the spot.

What can help?! Obviously, movement in one direction. But what?! And what to do ordinary people?! Nevertheless, the policies and capitalists cannot agree, the chase on the quick profit continues. And in this process, precisely ordinary citizens become victims. Therefore, you need to turn on your head and understand yourself. However, this is a new stage of universal evolution: will survive the one who adapts.

The developing and eco-saving types, open by psychologists, give the key economic problem of modernity. The ecocrider becomes itself due to unsuccessful principles of the economy. Of course, he is not guilty that in pursuit of survival became financially oriented, and its main wealth are apartments, cars and other things.

An important difference between the destroyer is a conclusion from the cyclicity of the household system created by him. While an ecosaber, on the contrary, trying every process of consumption to turn into waste-free production. Because this approach ecology and its systems, which are essentially cyclical. Remember, water cycle in nature or life and decomposition of living beings. Even the change of the biosphere is a closed process.

As a result, the key criterion for the success of the economy will transition to green technologies and the refusal of harmful productions for humans and nature. And here everyone can contribute. Ralph Füx described in detail the concept of transition to economic growth without prejudice to ecology in the book

Politics and history are two sciences that go shoulder to shoulder. Each researcher understands well that any historical dance should be perceived from the point of view of the value orientation of the ruler. Because the policy lays the principles of the state in the present, and the story lays down the way to the future.

Nevertheless, it is nice to realize that today ecology is one of the key ways of political manipulation of economic processes. And it is connected not only with a deadlock in the development of technical progress. But with the evolutionary need for survival. However, we did not have the opportunity to leave exhausted lands, migrating on fertile. Therefore, the only way out is to change himself.

We remember well, as in the second half of the 20th century, ozone holes became the first anxious ringing of the anthropogenic effects. After that, environmental communities appeared, such as

Then the theme of global warming was raised. As a result, we have an extinction of the species of polar bears. They cannot be fed by seals and crushes that live on the ice floes. Because the ice floes on the North Pole are no more. And the bears are cut off from their prey to the mainland.

As well as an important problem that the ecology is engaged is trash. In the third world countries where people are not focused on survival. And rather, more oriented to the device. Nevertheless, the garbage sites become a real misfortune. Similarly, the garbage is collected even in such a tourist kingdom as Thailand.

As a result, global heroes are born in such an aggressive and ecologically irresponsible environment. For example,

If you are a person involved in environmental policy processes, then you will be useful to read about the phenomenon of ecopolyology. This topic is devoted to a separate issue

At the end of the XX century, the direction of art was eclectically, disassembled and frowned. For this reason, looking at the avant-garde, cubism, impressionism, the viewer is still not fully understood what the author wanted to say. But art at all times was a realistic embodiment of the moment «here and now.» And we are valuable not what I wanted to transfer the author to future generations. First of all, it is important that the artist provokes changes in the consciousness of contemporaries. After all, it is a subtle feeling and reflection of reality can turn the historical development.

And if you look at modernity. What about the art of creating artists?! At the beginning of the century, they are about garbage, pollution of nature. After 20 years, they are about recycling, garbage transformation into household items and interior. As a result, we see how ecology becomes the main theme of works. And this, in turn, is reflected in positive changes in space. For example, in India, garbage trash on the beaches. For example, Europeans purify water from plastic, inventing useful devices. In addition, in Japan and other countries, we sort the garbage, actively putting this habit of young generations.

If there are those who are interested in self-development in art among readers, then you will be important to get acquainted with the essence of the influence of environmental and political processes. This is written in detail in the scientific article M. R. Nevtylyutova

Summing up, it should be noted that only three spheres can change the consciousness of a person. And if humanity will make a confident unidirectional step towards environmentalization in economics, politics and art, then sociology, medicine, education, tourism, science will automatically go to the philosophy of the life of the new world. The world in which everyone will be man.

The article was prepared by Irina Smetanekina

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