How eco-friendly wind and solar energy actually?

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Yes, then, in the course of its work, the wind generators and solar panels will give «green» electricity, but the production of the equipment itself is still not without the «dirty» electricity. This question is constantly in our comments raise opponents and skeptics of a new green course. And these words sometimes have a basis. However, it is necessary to understand that we live now in a quick-eyed world, and there is nothing static today, especially in the technologies of electric generation and production. Our readers already know that in Europe, China, the United States is the process of decarbonization of generation and production. Leading automotive companies, for example, such as #tesla and

Analysts from BERNSTEIN Research, taking the data of such companies such as Vestas, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and analytical estimates of BERNSTEIN RESEARCH, determined that steel, aluminum and epoxy resins, which fasten the items. The body of the steel tower gives

Of course, as it will further work, this «carbon footprint» is amortized. As a result, it turns out that wind generators have a «carbon footprint» less on

Experts calculated that the wind turbines on average «allocate» total

That is, no matter how cool, but the renewable energy is already now on orders of fossil fossil, which is quite natural. And with the decarbonization of the production of equipment for renewable, its «carbon footprint» will strive for zero.

According to statistics, today

What to do? Well, only those who do not follow the trends in this industry can be asked. Here are just a few examples. Swedish companies

Yes, and of course you should not forget to recall that over time, not only the manufacture of equipment and # renewable itself will be declarled, but today the development of the processing industry has been developed. The International Agency for Renewable Energy Sources predicts that

We have already told you about the «European Union» of companies for the processing of the above components of equipment renewable energy. The leader of this process can be considered the French company


So, as you see, there is no static in these processes. That statistics that we bring to you, after six months it is obsolete. It is necessary not to simply raise issues of generation ecologization, production, but also remind of the need to parallel to create the necessary processing capacity.

And do not whine that everything is bad and difficult! Remember that it is better to light at least one candle, instead of changing the darkness all the time. Try, do.

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