Good caps: forty-sixth collection

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Artyom has cerebral palsy. He needs a verticalizer. Cost 305,265 rubles. He is raised by his grandparents, who do not have the opportunity to purchase special equipment. Therefore, he became the protagonist of the project.

Grandma and grandpa are trying to help Artyom. They study with him daily. They are taken to a specialized kindergarten. However, they have no money for specialized equipment.
Artyom is not the first time that a child enters the project through the participants in the collection of caps. Colleagues from the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra told the volunteers about Artyom. In April, they organized an online consultation with a physiotherapist, where they selected the right technique for Artyom, and also gave many recommendations for rehabilitation.

Let me remind you that the Kind Caps project does not raise money. This is a program with more complex mechanics. First, she collects plastic caps and sends them to the Tverskoy recycling plant. The plant pays money for the raw materials it receives. Secondly, the money is already being spent on purchasing the necessary equipment. Thus, the project promotes the integration of principles

«Kind caps» are

Today the caps are collected throughout the VkusVill retail network. Also, the reception points can be specified on the map on the project page. It is important that only plastic bottle caps are accepted and only 2 HDPEs! If the project resonates in your heart, and you want to participate, please read carefully which caps are accepted by the points!

The news was prepared by Irina Smetankina.

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