French company Gaussin unveils platform for autonomous hydrogen and battery trucks

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French engineering company

Many people hear the name Gaussin for the first time, and probably have no idea what she does and what she is known for. In fact, it is a fairly well-known company in the field of professional and special logistics. Gaussin’s main specialization is the development and manufacture of vehicles for work in ports, airports, industries, logistics centers, and for underground work. There are now over 50,000 Gaussin special vehicles in operation worldwide.

But the new time requires new approaches, solutions, and opens up new opportunities. Using the accumulated experience in the creation of special vehicles, the French company has developed a «skateboard»

Let me remind you that now in the automotive sector «skateboard» refers to a platform that combines mechanical and energy systems, adaptable to various vehicles, in a modular architecture.

Gaussin presented a platform that, according to the creators, should become a benchmark in the road truck segment. # skateboard is created in two energetic versions.

The scalability of the Gaussin platform will make it possible to equip it, in the battery version, with a battery pack with a capacity of

It is also planned that one of the platform options will combine hydrogen and battery components, which will allow increasing the range

gaussin intends to sell its electrical platform from 2021 in the form of licenses to manufacturers, logistics and e-commerce players. The first running # prototypes will be assembled and presented this summer.

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