Forest Volunteer School to Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

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The school of flattering volunteers will be held on July 16-27 in Tatarstan. Any resident of the Russian region over 18 years old can apply for the first shift.

The Forest Volunteer School is a summer eco-camp where professional specialists will train participants to take care of the forest. The school is part of the project «

The organizers call the School an educational intensive in the wild. Here, firstly, the participants will take theoretical courses on firefighting, reforestation, forest protection and tree care. And secondly, “in the fields” they will transform the acquired knowledge into professional competence.

For training, the School brought together foresters, firefighters, as well as experts in ecology and ecotourism.

The eco-camp is organized in the forest area. Therefore, the participants will have to live in army tents, cook at the stake, spend their free time in communication and creativity.

To become an eco-leader and get into the School, you must register by July 8

Only 30 will meet in the first shift! The organizers take care of accommodation, meals, training courses and transportation to the camp site and back to the capital of Tatarstan. But the participants need to get to Kazan on their own.

Forest Volunteer School organized in partnership with

As an additional motivation for participation, the organizers of the «Plant a Forest» project developed

To do this, you need to enter data on flights and transfers. And also about fuel consumption and mileage of a personal car. The calculator will calculate the number of trees that need to be planted to offset the emissions.

If you are unable to participate in the School, but would like to support tree planting, please make a donation.

Plant a Forest is a reforestation project that has been operating since 2015. For five years of implementation, volunteers of the Eka Movement, with the support of partners, have planted more than 1.5 million trees in 42 regions of Russia. You can view reports on the results of past landings

The article was prepared by Irina Smetankina.

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