Ford Motor is ready to accelerate its transformation process, and fully move to electric vehicles in Europe before 2030

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Ford Motor Co is one of the oldest and most famous car manufacturers in the world, and many of the words of the founder of the company, Henry Ford, are truly cast in the border. But this did not help the company, at a turning point for the entire automotive industry, to quickly respond to the tectonic processes of the transition to the electric vehicle era. And now Ford has to catch up with the leaders in order not to leave the automotive scene at all. In no small part, the result of this delay was agreements with Volkswagen to use their MEB electric platform to create their European electric vehicles. In the same vein and investment in the company Rivian, whose platform can be used to create heavy electric cars, but in the North American market.

Looking at the growth statistics for the European EV market, #Ford Europe says they are ready to accelerate and deepen their strategy. «

Earlier in February, the automaker said it would only phase out gasoline and diesel passenger cars and SUVs from its lineup in Europe by 2030. But the demand from Europeans for electric cars is forcing Ford to accelerate so as not to finally lose the market. According to industry association ACEA, the share of electric vehicles

Ford is now selling the #mustang mach-e electric crossover in Europe. But with one model, you cannot conquer the market, and you cannot compete with competitors. And the next electric model based on the #volkswagen Group MEB platform will appear only in 2023, after its development.

In fact, Ford is now only at the very beginning of its transformation. Better late than never, of course. And later we will tell you what Ford is doing now, implementing the «Go electric» strategy.

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