Ford and Joe Biden unveil new Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup

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Ford has finally officially unveiled its long-announced F-150 electric pickup, dubbed the Lightning. Ford talked about this car for at least two years. And it’s time to show the world the production version of the F-150 electric car, which will go on sale a year later, in the spring of 2022.

The pickup will have two battery pack options that will give a range of 370 or 480 kilometers. The basic version will cost just under $ 40,000, and with a large battery and full of additional equipment that makes an electric car a real work and power station, it will cost about $ 90,000. So the new electric car from Ford is a real workhorse, in the truest sense of the word «horse».

The layout of the power equipment and engines in the F-150 Lightning is classic for modern electric vehicles. Each of the axles has its own electric motor. Naturally, this is an SUV that must have four-wheel drive. However, the total power varies in different trim levels. It will be either 318 kW or 420 kW. Ford did not give exact information on the capacity of the batteries, but if we assume that with a maximum charging power of 19.2 kW from AC, a full charge should take eight hours, which corresponds to the amount of energy in 153.6 kW * h for a battery with a larger capacity.

Whose cells in the batteries will form the basis of the batteries, LG or SK Innovation, is not yet clear. Peak DC charging power is 150 kW, charging time from 15 to 80%, according to Ford, is 41 minutes.

Judging by the photo provided by Ford, the battery pack is located exclusively under the passenger compartment, and there is room in the back under the floor of the cargo compartment for a full-fledged spare tire. By the way, there is also a luggage compartment in the front under the hood with an impressive 400 liters of volume.

The salon of the new electric car from Ford is so spacious that it is quite possible to organize a mobile office and a completely comfortable workplace in it. The car is naturally equipped with an internet connection and cloud services. In addition to the informative «dashboard» and multifunction steering wheel, the center console also has a huge touch screen, a la Tesla Model S.

But, perhaps, the most important thing in this car is its working functionality. The F-150 Lightning can not only take energy and be recharged from the garage outlet, but also, if necessary, for example, in the event of a power outage in the event of any emergency, become an emergency storage device, and give energy as much as is stored in its traction battery … And as we calculated above, 153 kWh is not a small amount of electricity at all, and if used economically, it can be enough for more than a week.

Also, what is very interesting and convenient is the sockets located in the front trunk and in the cargo compartment, to which you can connect any electrical equipment and household appliances. And this functionality seems to be becoming the standard for cars of this class, although even special versions of the Nissan Leaf ZE1 have already begun to be equipped with them.

According to the manufacturer, maintenance costs for the F-150 Lightning are more than 40% lower than for a similar class car with a 2.7-liter gasoline engine.

The F-150 Lightning is certainly not as popular as the Tesla Cybertruck, but I think it will find its own buyer. He will likely be quite conservative, and will primarily come from old Ford clients. Young people are likely to choose Tesla Cybertruck

The presentation of the F-150 Lightning, however, the day before the official presentation of the electric car, was attended by #joe biden. He not only performed against the backdrop of various Ford models standing in the back, among which was the F-150 Lightning, but also personally tested the new Ford # pickup.

I had to update the article with photos of Biden’s test drive on the F-150 Lightning, especially for those who started talking about the second wheel.
Well, find it! )))

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