Familles of the first flight of an Ingenuity electric helicopter are presented on Mars.

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It was a short flight of a small coalcasting machine, but it was a big step that showed that it was safe to open the new chapter in the study of Mars using aircraft.

Family Frames on Mars Removed by Perseverance Marshode Cameras

Much initially said that this is a very adventurous idea, and that from her can not go out. But everything turned out.

Ingenuity, separated from the Marshode, he spent independently a lot of hotels (days and nights) on Martian frost, chargeing its lithium batteries from a small solar panel, which is installed above its rotors. Solar batteries worked on excellent, batteries charged and gave the energy needed to fly.

Today on Monday, April 19, the first Martian helicopter rose above the surface of Mars in the area of Crater Ezero 3 meters and hung over it within 30 seconds, after which it was safely taken to the place of takeoff. In total, the first flight time was 39.1 second. At this time, they entered, hang, and «landing». The photo you see at the beginning of the article is a photograph made by a helicopter camera, and shows the shadow dropped on the surface of Mars from Ingenuity.

So, ahead of us is waiting for a new and exciting chapter in the study of Mars. The following automatic and manned missions on the red planet will be equipped with reconnaissance drone, and may at some point will appear manned apparatuses for movement in the sky of Mars. Of course it will not be so fast, but it will be.

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