Evergrande Motor Wows Thousands of Media at Shanghai Auto Show with Full Line of Hengchi Electric Vehicles

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At the International Motor Show that ended in Shanghai, a landmark event for the global automotive industry took place, which, figuratively speaking, blew up the Shanghai Motor Show. The Chinese company Evergrande Motor has unveiled nine car models of its Hengchi electric vehicle brand.

It is no exaggeration to consider that Shanghai 2021 became the official place of public birth of not just a new automaker, but the future giant of the global electric vehicle industry — Evergrande Motor, and its Hengchi brand.

In fact, our regular readers have known about this company for several years, during which we talked about how in the past a large Chinese # developer began its transformation, accumulating in its new project all the most modern technologies, production experience, the best developers and designers. And so, at the Shanghai Motor Show, Evergrande Motor unveiled its first full line of

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Hengchi electric vehicles fully showcase all the latest advanced technologies in electric drive, battery technology co-developed with #sk group, smart and connected technologies co-developed with #tencent and #baidu. Well, happy birthday Hengchi. Well, the rest of the automakers will have more worries to fight and defend their place in the car market before buyers.

And they will have to do this for sure, since by developing its production base in China and Europe, Evergrande Motor plans to reach an annual production of more than

According to #evergrande automobile President Liu Yongzhuo, all electric vehicles of their brand have a range of at least

The company is absolutely sure that next year they will quickly capture the world market. After all, colossal efforts have been made for this, and billions of dollars have been invested. By establishing an Evergrande Automobile manufacturing base in Shanghai in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, the company demonstrates that its products meet all modern requirements, from the design and production stages.

To quickly enter the market, Evergrande is already creating an extensive network of its own stores and service centers. There will be over a thousand of them in China. The management of the company also says that they intend to compete for buyers in the markets of Europe and America.

So, we are waiting for a new wave of electric vehicles from China, with a new brand. And remember his name again —

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