Evergrande kicks off Hengchi electric vehicle summer test series

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A growing and gathering new giant of the global automotive industry, the Chinese company Evergrande Automobile, continues the process of testing its electric cars, which will soon go into mass production. At the beginning of the month, a summer series of tests began at the site in front of the Shanghai R&D base Evergrande Automobile.

The ceremony resembled the military formation of the Roman legions, or rather, given that this is China, then the formation of the army of the Emperor # qin Shi Huang. President of Evergrande Automobile Liu Yongzhuo, President of Evergrande Research Institute Fang Chi, President of Evergrande Battery Research Institute Li Junxu, heads of China Center for Automotive Technology and Research and Shanghai Research Center for Automotive Inspection and Certification Technologies … Forgive me, I could not resist such an analogy, everything is clear, and practically put in a military way in Evergrande Automobile.


Therefore, the thermoregulation system is one of the most important in electric vehicles. It must prevent both hypothermia and overheating of the traction battery. And to test the reliability of this system, winter tests are carried out in the frosty Inner Mongolia, and summer scorching tests in # xinjiang. Brakes, air conditioning systems, as well as interior fittings and external parts will also be comprehensively tested for reliability and durability.

Hengchi electric vehicles are also being tested in Germany, Sweden and Austria. This will allow these #electric vehicles to be quickly certified for the European market.

Liu Yongzhuo, president of the #evergrande automobile, said at the launch ceremony for the summer test series that Evergrande will compete to create vehicles that meet the most stringent requirements to ensure that #hengchi’s core technology is the world’s leading technology and that product quality is world-class.

And now we see the result — cars that will compete on an equal footing with #tesla and other industry leaders. But that’s not all. The company has taken another important step, which will be discussed in the next article.

It is also worth noting the successful step with the choice of a name for the new car brand — Hengchi. It sounds clear, confident. This is practically a battle cry that will sound loudly in the coming years …

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evergrande goes step by step towards the goal of becoming one of the best and leading manufacturers of electric vehicles. The dedication of the company’s management can be envied and taken as an example. For several previous years, they invested money earned in the real estate sector, accumulating brains and technologies, built their own factories, equipped with the latest technology.