Evergrande — from developers to automotive giants

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The Chinese company Evergrande has been in the construction business for 25 years. Its management and investors have made billions from development projects. But you cannot stagnate in place, otherwise you risk sleeping through new winds of change and being on the sidelines of history and new profits. But the Chinese know when to set sails and when to build walls. Evergrande management has sensed new trends in time, which bring both profit and creation of a good reputation. Therefore, they have spent several years consolidating technological resources that should help them become not just one of the many emerging manufacturers of electric vehicles, but become one of the leaders in the industry. This is how the new automobile brand Hengchi was born.

The Evergrande Board of Directors, chaired by Xu Jiaying, held a press conference at which they introduced the «New Evergrande» program. After 25 years of development, Evergrande has completed the transition from real estate to “multi-industry + digital”. The brand new industrial ecology comprehensively encompasses the fields of clothing, food, housing, transportation, cultural tourism, health care, and more, creating a closed digital cycle of science and technology, providing comprehensive services to hundreds of millions of customers, demonstrating strong development dynamics.

The most important part of this process is the creation of the Evergrande Automobile division, which today has simultaneously developed 14 models of electric vehicles for the Hengchi brand. These EVs will be among the most technologically advanced in the industry, featuring H-SMART OS, an intelligent aerospace cockpit and the industry’s most powerful smart car computing platform.

The company’s next step will be listing in the US on #nasdaq. The company already has excellent fundamentals. Evergrande Automobile has opened ten production sites around the world, and factories in Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou have begun test production, and electric vehicles from these production sites are already undergoing testing prior to the start of series production. To date, Evergrande Automobile has invested a total of RMB 47.4 billion, aiming to become the world’s largest and most powerful electric vehicle group.

According to preliminary estimates of experts, Evergrande Automobile is already worth approximately $ 61 billion, which is twice as much as #nissan Motor Co. And this is at a stage when the company has not yet officially started mass production. When serial production begins, which should take place in the second half of the year, Evergrande may become one of the five leaders in the new automotive industry.

The company has an ambitious goal: to become the world’s largest and most powerful group for the production of cars on new energy sources [

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