Evergrande declares the uniqueness of their electric vehicles, and a multitude of patents registered when creating Hengchi cars

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The last International Auto Show Shanghai-2021 became for the new Electromobile Chinese company #Evergrande Automobile moment of truth.

Now, just create an electric car little, especially after the world’s success Tesla. It is necessary to do something unusual, or equip your electric vehicle with those functional, and in such a quantity, which would help you to adequately compete with the products of already well-known manufacturers of electric vehicles, for example, the aforementioned #tesla, as well as #Renault, #volkswagen, or local large Chinese Car «dragons». And judging by the reviews, and the reactions in the world, #evergrande could do it by creating an electric vehicle #Hengchi. But for this I had to work a lot, preparing for your «tiger jump.»

As the company says, at the development of their electric vehicles, the Patent Bureau of Applications for obtaining a total of 3012 patents in China and abroad, of which 1355 already registered, and they received appropriate patent rights. Patents cover almost all components of an electric vehicle — electrical architecture of chassis, suspension system, steering, brake control, vehicle control, battery thermostat systems, battery modules, battery management systems, engines and electronic control, electronic and electrical architecture. Patents are also obtained on the architecture of body elements, the interior and exterior, Internet vehicles, autonomous driving, production and intellectual charging.

That is, generalizing, Evergrande Motors has done a colossal work, and now has leading global technologies in the production of modern electric vehicles and a complete set of patented technological documentation. And all this was done about 4 years!

In this work, research institutes with 16 branches and the international high-level research and development team consisting of more than 3,500 leading scientific researchers took part. As of December 31, 2020, Evergrande invested in the automotive industry a total of 47.4 billion yuan ($ 7.37 billion), of which investments in R & D were 24.9 billion yuan ($ 3.87 billion ). Also a significant part of the investment went to the construction of its own production base based on architecture # industry 4.0, the future sales and service system. The company comprehensively approached the creation of a new business, creating an entire ecosystem, from the development, through production, and before sales and maintenance. This is not just a smart approach to creating a business, it is also a bid to be among the leaders of the industry.

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