England is part of a megaproject of wind generation

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More and more often, news about new projects of offshore wind farms comes from England where, windy weather is the norm, and the country decided to extract all the advantages for itself from bad weather. In the coastal regions of foggy Albion, the wind speed sometimes reaches 27 m / s, which allows wind generation on such days to generate more than 60% of the total volume of electricity consumed.

A country where until recently the basis of the country’s energy system was coal generation is switching to renewable energy sources at an enviable speed.

The £ 21 billion ($ 30 billion) offshore wind farm is expected to install 10 GW stationary and floating wind turbines in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Offshore wind turbines will be connected to consumers via submarine high voltage direct current (HVDC) cables.
HIP Atlantic’s initial 2,000 MW generating capacity, intended to be located off the south and east coast of Iceland, is expected to come on stream in early 2025.
The project also involves the construction of a plant for the production of submarine power cables, the demand for which is growing at a rapid pace.

By 2030, wind power will provide electricity to all residential buildings in the United Kingdom.

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