Electric Zoom-Zoom.

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At a briefing and online presentation yesterday, Mazda Motor’s management, represented by Senior Executive Director Ichiro Hirose, presented the company’s 2030 development strategy. The strategy is called «Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030», as if to say that the transformation will take place, while maintaining the tradition and approach to building cars.

I was always surprised by this advertising slogan of Mazda. It didn’t seem to fit the essence of the car company. Themselves «Mazda» described it as a child’s imitation of the buzzing of a toy car, and this sound passes through the years, when already an adult sits behind the wheel of a real Mazda. But only this sound is still more suitable for an electric vehicle than for an internal combustion engine.

According to a press release from Mazda Motor Corporation, the company is embarking on a strategy to go «electric». This process will be a stepwise process, and will stretch until 2050, when all of the company’s products will become carbon-neutral. That is, there will be no cars using fossil fuels in the Mazda model range by the middle of the century. As stated above, implementation of the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 medium-term plan is now beginning. It involves the full electrification of all of the company’s vehicles, but with a large component of hybrid models. All future electric Mazda Motor models will be based on the new modular and scalable Skyactiv EV platform.

The #skyactiv EV platform will be in mainstream use from 2025. Until then, the company will launch five hybrid models, five plug-in hybrids and three fully battery models in Japan, Europe, the United States, China and ASEAN. Overall, by 2030, all 100% of models will be electrified, of which 75% will be hybrids of varying degrees of depth, and 25% will be pure EVs. Some of the hybrid models will use technology from #toyota.

Naturally, like all other automakers, # Mazda will introduce an autonomous driving system called «Mazda Co-Pilot» into its cars. And of course the cars will be integrated with all major cloud technologies.

It is also worth noting that for three years the forecasts and plans of Mazda Motor Corporation have changed significantly. If

Currently, #mazda has managed to bring to the market only one electric model, this is the # crossover # mx-30. Despite the fact that this is outwardly quite a decent crossover, whose feature is swing doors, but its power supply is too small for such a car. Its battery has a capacity

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