Electric scooter of discord.

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The number of users of small electric vehicles for personal mobility is growing every day. And in parallel with this, problems inherent in any transport arise. I’ll clarify what I’m talking about now mainly about electric scooters. And the problems actually relate not so much to transport as to its users. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a personal electric scooter or kicksharing. The question is in the inability to use it, and the irresponsibility of some users who allow themselves to move by wheeled vehicles in a drunk state, or literally drive on sidewalks, endangering the lives of pedestrians, and soybeans as well.

Here are just a few high-profile incidents that have hit the news feeds over the past weeks. In Moscow, a courier from one of the food delivery services in the center of Moscow hit a child. A 10-year-old boy has a broken arm. On May 21, a resident of Moscow hit a 5-year-old child on an electric scooter, also in the city center. More «tin» is being thrown up by the cultural capital of Russia # St. Petersburg. On Nevsky Prospekt, practically in one place, there were two collisions between electric scooters and pedestrians. And if in one case everything ended in a civilized manner, apparently with an apology and help from the culprit to the victim, then in the other case, the culprits of the collision with the pedestrian not only did not apologize, but attacked the person they had brought down with their fists.

There, in St. Petersburg, for some unknown reason, while driving on an electric scooter, the soloist of the Mariinsky Theater David Zaleev fell and died.

And in Novokuznetsk, a drunk father drove his child to school on a personal electric scooter. It’s good that the # dps patrol noticed and «accepted» him in time.

It is clear that all the cases described above and the responsibility for their consequences lies entirely with the users of the vehicle. And here it does not matter at all what kind of vehicle it is. There is one important point, though.

This means that the owners of electric scooters and kicksharing users must move in protective (bicycle) helmets and on bike paths, which must be separated from both the sidewalk and the carriageway. As you know, and many pay legitimate attention to this, and in my personal opinion, in many Moscow streets the width of pedestrian sidewalks has been disproportionately increased, and even if there are «lanes» for small wheeled vehicles, they are not separated from the pedestrian zone. There will be little markup here. Here you need, albeit small in height, but a barrier along the strip (like a «speed bump»), better of course rubberized.

This can go a long way towards preventing collisions between electric scooter users and pedestrians. And, of course, you need a «black list» of kicksharing clients who will be denied access to the service if they were previously noticed in traffic violations, especially those that entailed injuries to third parties. Even the automatic speed limiting of a sharing scooter cannot guarantee that its rider is sober, reasonable, and will not hit, for example, a child. Here it is necessary to act by analogy with the deprivation of a driver’s license for those who repeatedly drive drunk.

If you implement the proposals described above, you will not have to hear, to put it mildly, strange speech that the scooter should move at the speed of the pedestrian flow, not exceed it. Separate them and there will be no problem. And the movement on the scooter at the speed of a pedestrian completely negates the whole point of its use. Cycle speed may be limited by the maximum cycling speed.

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