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The head of the electromotive company Fisker Henrik Fisker and Dr. Guita Gupta Fisker, during a private audience in the Vatican with a pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis, presented the 266th chapter of the Holy See the concept of completely electrical papal transport.

Pope Francis in his messages often raises the issue of ecology, and the conservation of climate balance, so the proposal of Henric Fisker was made favorably and positive. Electric Papamobile will be created on the basis of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV, which is scheduled to be launched in the series next year together

Papamobile based on Fisker Ocean will be the first vehicle since the start of the automotive era, which will be environmentally friendly, and, accordingly, will not pollute the air. What is important, especially during the departures of the dad to the flock for blessing. Like all papamobili, Fisker Ocean will have a spacious salon and a large all-glass dome.

The production of Serial #fisker Ocean will begin on November 17, 2022. The price of the basic version is $ 37.5 thousand. And this is the price of excluding subsidies and benefits for the purchase of electric vehicles that operate in many countries.

Considering this news, the question came to mind. And whether the example of his colleague will follow from Rome Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Cyril? And if you judge the latest news from Elabugi, where the other day was given the start of production at the new #aurus plant, the Russian premium automobile brand in cooperation with # us, created an environmentally friendly version of the #aurus Senat sedan based on hydrogen fuel cells.

Although, there will probably still be a psychological moment. It’s one thing if under the floor of your car an assembly of already familiar lithium elements, another, three tanks with hydrogen, albeit from high-tech composite materials, but under pressure up to 800 bar. Therefore, still the main trend of the AUTROME development indicates that passenger cars will be accurate, and the # hydrogen will be used in heavy, partly in sports, and special transport.

In any case, it is interesting when # Patriarch Kirill will remove gasoline cars from his garage.

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