Electric cars crash and hit the volume of Russian oil supplies to Europe

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The EU policy on decarbonization of the transport sector, the introduction of more and more stringent environmental standards for transport, and the use of incentives for the purchase of electrified cars by citizens are beginning to significantly affect the volume of Russian oil sales in the European market.

Judging by the shipment schedule through the Transneft system, in the coming July through the terminals of Russian ports such as Ust-Luga and Novorossiysk,

In fact, for those who have closely followed our publications over the past years, this information will not be unexpected news at all. We have predicted these trends over the past three to four years. And then this # vector will not only be preserved, but will grow.

Some EVs and plug-in hybrids show some triple-digit growth, judging by the statistics of electric vehicle sales in Europe. And it is Europe that is the most consistent actor here. # The European Commission is introducing more and more stringent CO2 emission standards, at the top while Japan was «playing» with hybrids, and the United States, due to Trump’s policies, is 4 years behind Europe in terms of electromobilization. But the current US president Joe Biden intends to catch up and overtake everyone in this process, both Europe and China.

Also in Europe, there are, although not the same throughout the European Union, preferences when buying electric vehicles. For example, in Spain, the government pays extra up to

Based on absolutely understandable trends, in what direction do you think the Russian oil industry will have to develop? And here it is necessary to speak, looking not at one or three years ahead, and the horizon should be at about 2040 at least.

And by the way, yesterday was the birthday of the man who really turned the automotive and space industries, and not only changed us, but showed that dreams are achievable.

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