Electric cars are taking over the taxi market.

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What could be a more accurate indicator of the reliability and economic efficiency of any car than its presence in the fleets of taxi companies? Based on my personal experience in the past, I will say that the car used in a taxi is subjected to many times more stress than the car of an average citizen. And this is not to mention the fact that it is natural for a driver this is not a resort. Staying behind the wheel until 12 o’clock and winding around the city, in any weather, for about 300 km, is not sugar. Therefore, the car must be reliable and comfortable, not only for the passenger, but also for the driver.

About five years ago, electric cars began to slowly appear in taxi services. It started in Europe. And, quite understandably, the first electric cars in taxis were the Tesla Model S and X. Then they appeared in companies that worked at airports in Holland. This is understandable, since in this segment there is a guaranteed client who is ready to pay the corresponding amount for the trip. So profitability was guaranteed here.

American company

To launch its new service, namely an electric car on request with a driver, essentially the same taxi, the company bought 50 brand new Tesla Model Ys, and for its own money created a proprietary charging station Revel Superhubs. Moreover, any electric car can be charged on it. The station is equipped with fast chargers, on which in less than 20 minutes you can «fill» a battery with 160 km of energy.

It would seem an excellent and modern service, in the sense of a taxi based on an electric car, and a charging station useful to the townspeople. But the «ambush» happened where it would be strange to expect. As you know, it is not so easy to get a taxi driver’s license in the USA. This process in the same New York is in charge of the state

TLC Chairwoman, Ms. Aloisi Heredia Yarmoshuk

Miracles, and nothing more. It remains only to hear that it was said exactly which model of gasoline car to buy, and from which dealer. The scheme is quite familiar. Personally, I can only explain this behavior by the time of «anarchy». A new election campaign is starting in New York now. In all likelihood, the current mayor will not be nominated for a new term. Therefore, maybe someone decided to «fish in muddy water.»

Revel CEO Frank Reig

This is how, from scratch, a scandal was arranged, probably worthy of close attention from the local investigating authorities. As for electric cars in a taxi, we can conclude that before starting to create an electric car service, the company’s analysts calculated all the costs of car maintenance, and what profit it will ultimately bring. Most likely, this case will fall into the category of curiosities, if not in the criminal news feed. Meanwhile, electric cars will begin to penetrate more and more into the taxi industry,

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