«Ecomir» — №11-12 (242-243) June 2021. Observing and learning the world together

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In this issue, you, together with your child, will learn when the Ecologist Day was established in Russia, why household dust is dangerous, and why it is necessary to remove it, and how volleyball is useful for health. Of course, there is a poetry page. From the supplements, which were also prepared by the children’s edition of the newspaper, you will learn which mosquitoes are harmless to humans, which is surprising in itself, as well as other questions and tasks of the «Green» Olympiad. Another interesting topic is the role of peat bogs in the climate and ecosystem. There is also a philosophical and scientific theme of aging and immortality. You will find out why the Russian heart surgeon, academician Leo Bokeria called the proverb “to give dinner to the enemy” a myth.

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