Ecodiz in the country: who is the weakest link

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It has already been said about processing. And more or less understandable, as the situation looks in the world. Over the past three years, the Russian government has taken measures to stimulate the development of the sphere in the country. Effective they or not — this

According to the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, about 70 million tons of garbage are formed in Russia every year, while Moscow produces 8.1 million tons. Magram Market Research argues that 26% of the population is engaged in sorting waste around the country. And according to Greenpeace Russia, we have a little less than 14,000 landfills with a total area of about 4 million hectares.

From January 2019, the beginning of the implementation of the National Ecology project in the country is carried out a garbage reform. However, today there are those who consider it to fail. For example, not so long ago, the Account Chamber and the State Duma deputies recognized the reform ineffective. And Sergey Mironov generally suggested to refuse it.

Although, of course, it does not work out without difficulty chosen by state regulations in the face of the GBU Housing and Logist LLC «Charter» belonging to Igor Chaika. The interests of both organizations are read between the lines, but this later. At the same time, the lobbyists are strongly interested in processing, for this reason there is still positive dynamics.

This tendency sees and

The numbers say that more and more Muscovites are involved in Ecodiz. More and more but not all. On the path of residents, primarily the distrust of the authorities, inadequate infrastructure and issues to tax expenditures.

And nevertheless activists do not surrender. Today, the most popular volunteer project, who also received a grant of the President — «Separate Collection». The movement operates in more than 20 cities.

Where the movement is actively, good results are obtained. For example, in St. Petersburg in 2020, 9 shares were held to collect recycling, 18 ecourons for children and 88 lectures for adults. Overview of the support service received more than 2,900 appeals. Volunteers have applied to an interactive map of about three thousand containers. More than 300 applications are filled with advice on the introduction of a seaside waste accumulation. 24 webinars were held, two round tables and decorated nine infosnesses for events.

444 metal bags were collected (including aluminum), Pehd (2) — 440 bags, covers (2) — 77 bags, RR (5) — 2919 bags, color films — 4225 bags, transparent film — 1503 bags, tetrapak — 3930 bags foamed polystyrene — 892 bags and 496 kg of disks.

And what are the landfills and landfills?! It is unlikely that no effective measures from the state on the analysis of the old can be believed to be brought to the new one. Therefore, the problem must be solved systemically. And here such actions occur.

Company «Peak» in 2009 — 2016 Reculsted Polygon MSW in Salaryevo and 1 km from it built a new LCD Salaryevo Park. In 2018, the degassing of the «Sadrovo» landfill, located under Volokolamsky, began under the NATIC public. Moscow trash took the landfill.

In fact, 2018 was the year of active protests against garbage sites and rolled throughout the country. And the shares near the Schies railway station, the Arkhangelsk region became the center of «antimusorious» performances. Shares began in 2018 due to the fact that the authorities decided to turn the Moscow garbage there.

And finally, in the fall of 2019, FSUE FEO took up the reclamation of the largest landfill in Europe. The commission gave the Government of the Russian Federation within the federal project «Pure Country». For 70 years, more than 17 million cubic meters of garbage in the territory of 74 hectares have accumulated at the Chelyabinsk Polygon. The height of the local «Everest» is about 45 m. At the end of this summer, the Contractor surrenders the work to the customer.

As you know, the most dangerous consequences of landfills are two processes. During waste rotting, dumping gases are formed, which poison the atmosphere. The second is the formation of the so-called filtrate, that is, a poisonous liquid. It is formed when atmospheric precipitates are seeded through the cubometers of garbage, which are saturated with «chemistry.»

To ensure safety, first of all, form the «body» of the landfill. For this purpose, 1.4 km of armogornta embankment was created at the Chelyabinsk TCO for fixing the geometry of the object. Further, work is performed on the device for collecting filtrate and biogas.

In this case, the dumping filtrate collection system was located all over the perimeter of the landfill. It includes reverse osmosis. As well as a storage pond under the filtrate of 2.5 thousand cubes. Under the storm and tale water provided a pond of 12 thousand cubes. Claimed facilities are located separately under the rave stream and filtrate.

An installation of 18.5 thousand vertical flexible pipes (DREN) was used for gas accidents at a depth of 17 m. All of them are connected by horizontal drains. Gas enters gas distribution points — manifolds, of which then goes to a torch installation for disposal.

This year will be completed by the biological stage of the recultivation. On the place of the landfill, a green hill will appear, which in a few years it will be possible to use under urban needs.

According to the representative of FSUE FEO, the most advanced world technologies are used during reclamation. But the answer to the question is whether the resulting slag can be recycled after eliminating biological waste from the landfill — never followed. Perhaps it simply lacks competencies, but perhaps because the authorities do not see meaning to purify the planet from inorganic garbage. And such arguments as

That is, the ecodiz in the country is at many levels. And what’s next?! Will the initiatives are buried under landfills and cries of chap?!

Everyone knows that young people are the main driving force of radical changes in society. And this was thought about the movement «EKA», launching projects for the younger generation.

Motion volunteers approached the solution of the problem systemically and launched the «Green Universities of Russia» rating. Admire the well-thought-out organizational structure. On the one hand, enter the rating — it means to raise the prestige of the educational institution. And it motivates the administration. And on the other hand, without the activity of students, it is impossible to take even the lowest position.

The more active students introduce environmentally friendly initiatives in universities, the more points earn an educational institution in the overall ranking. And the result — for three years I was collected and transferred to manufacturers 97 tons of recycled.

Among the practitioner — quests and contests with tasks and instructions, where students themselves agree with operators and reception points, and in the movement «EKA» report. A separate direction is the introduction of RNO on an ongoing basis. The instructions of the youth takes in motion techniques.

Also, Ecodiz is launched in schools. An educational project has been created for schoolchildren

Once a big brother in the national program takes care of ecology, then we need. After all, only a critical mass will help overcome such incidents like GBU Housing. «And what to do, where to start and where to run,» you ask. «

There is for this

In the meantime, the volunteers of the movement themselves prepare materials and draw up experience in text activists. Currently in the work — community room. This is a service where everyone can ask a question and get an expert’s answer on the topics of ecology or an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

In the meantime, you think to turn on in Ecodiz or not, our enterprising compatriots act. They come up with ecoprojects and collect money on them on crowdfunding platforms. For example, as far as was used for this, that in mid-February, a special category on environmental initiatives appeared on the platform — «Ecology and Nature».

On the eve of the launch, a study was conducted, in which 741 user platforms took part. 63.6% of respondents noted that they do not need additional motivation to support environmental projects.

For 35.6% of respondents to the incentive of participation in the environmental campaign, the danger of extinction of rare animal and plants. For 16.7% — a resonant event or an ecological catastrophe. 6.2% admitted that their motivation would affect the appeal of the leaders of opinions. 28.7% people noted that they would like to participate in the crowdfunding of familiar environmental organizations or activists.

Familiar projects for most respondents are «good lids» (57.1%), «collector» (31.8), «Second Breathing» (24.4%).

On an ongoing basis, various environmental projects support only the tenth of the platform subscribers (11.9%). At the same time, a quarter of respondents (25.4%) participates in the campaigns of eco -activists, and 37.8% of respondents would like to do it.

In the question «What kind of environmental project would you support with a greater probability?» Almost half (50.5%) chose the «Conducting research or organization of an expedition». Slightly behind the popularity of the answer «Development of an eco-startup» (48.7%). In third place (38.2%) — «Purchase of equipment for eco-activists».

The most desirable remuneration for participating in such projects has become T-shirts or bags of recycled materials (35.4%) and other accessories or goods for the house from Zero Waste brands (25.4%).

One of the recent projects that contributed to the economy of the country was the children’s book «Adventures of the Plastic Package». The campaign was organized on another crowdfunding platform

Konstantin performed by the author, illustrator and producer of the book. The campaign gathered 539,000 rubles and responded in the hearts of 302 sponsors. The duration of the collection is about a month. The campaign even went through the amount. The printing of the circulation of 1000 copies was required 490000 rubles.

Stickers lie

In such initiatives it is pleasant to participate. And children book about ecology, and nature return of the environment, and the benefit from planted trees.

And what about business? After all, it is its natural locomotive for the development of the sphere and its transformation from charity in the economic segment.

For example, garbage processing in Germany is a branch with a turnover of 200 billion euros. It employs 250 thousand people, and annual growth reaches 14%. In total, in just 30 years, Germany has become a leader owner in the world.

In Europe, up to 40% of all plastics is sorted and more than 20 million tons of new plastic products are made every year. At the cost of a new raw material from 1200 to 1,400 euros, recycling reduces it three times. Although the popularity of plastic is growing. For example, Reluma produces coastal dams from it to protect the Baltic. Previously, they were made of wood, but it was quickly corrupted mollusks.

In Russia, in 2019, out of 165, waste sorting projects were recognized as effective in accordance with the National Project «Ecology» only 15. One of the main criteria is the yield of at least 20% of the useful product. These 15 companies are able to sort only 2 million out of 70 million tons of garbage, and this is 3% of waste. They will be an example for the «library of the best practices used by waste processing technologies.»

And nevertheless, the entrepreneurial segment is not sleeping. And activists are gradually beginning to translate their initiatives to useful commercial products.

However, the collection is also 1, 4 and 5 species. They are transmitted to «collector». Despite the fact that the percentage of type 2 is negligible, the guys are enough.

And what can I say after that about the GBU housing?! Establish a direct link between a small processor and a citizen-sorter is an ideal scheme that eliminates extra charges on collecting and logistics. And most importantly gives the opportunity in future manufacturers directly pay for pure recycling by passing to its inhabitants.

Another achievement of Russian entrepreneurs was the application launched in 2019.

The idea is that the application becomes a platform, one for three infrastructure participants. Can an ordinary janitor. It is assumed that he collects among the inhabitants, unresponsive and recycled recycling. Or any other person who becomes a collector.

The application is thought out much. For example, at home, where less than 30 sorter inhabitants cannot connect to the program. Since the collector is not advantageous, fewer recycling points.

Summing up, it suggests a completely transparent conclusion. Economical lifestyle in Russia to be! And if there are weak links in the current infrastructure, then it is simply a temporary phenomenon. Because the ecodiz in the heads of citizens is stronger than the bureaucratic-check approach of demotivated customers and performers.

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