E1 Series RaceBird Speedboat Design Revealed

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The tireless Alejandro Agag presented the design of the RaceBird speedboat, which is being created for his new racing series, now waterborne.

By the way, I immediately remembered a joke from #Mimino, about playing electric guitars with rubber gloves.

Of course, the cars of the water electric racing series will be built with all safety requirements in mind. The presented design of the #racebird racing boat is admirable. We see the swift lines of the swept hull. To reduce friction against the water, the boat has hydrofoils, and having reached its maximum cruising speed, it will literally float above the water. It’s just a high-speed water #glider.

There is no exact information yet on the power of the RaceBird battery pack, and it is not known how long it will last. All that is known about the battery is that it is manufactured by the German company #kreisel electric. This will not be a standard battery assembly. It will be based on a technology that is not yet widely used in electric transport.

This is an immersion cooling technology. That is, the battery cell assembly is completely immersed in a dielectric coolant. A similar technology is now used in their battery assemblies.

Returning to the RaceBird design, I note that it was created by the designer of marine technology #sophie horn from Norway. She herself turned to Alejandro Agag, proposing her concept. And she really turned out to be great, both the boat and its creator. The world of water racing already has its own «formula» series. And some time ago there was an attempt to electrify them. But it was not possible to pour new wine into the old skins. And it’s probably good that it didn’t work out, because the new time needs new solutions and a new design.

It is planned that the E1 series races will be held in coastal areas, for example, in the harbor of #Monaco, as well as on the water expanses of lakes and rivers within the boundaries of large cities. In Moscow, it would be great to hold these races on the Moskva River in the area of the TsPKO im. Gorky.

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