Duesenberg Technologies intrigues by promising to create an electric car worthy of the legendary Dusenbergs of the 30s

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In February it became known that a Canadian-Malaysian company working in the IT industry,

It is difficult to say how careful the modern owners of this brand will be to the legendary name. They say they are going to create the world’s most luxurious zero-emission vehicle, the world’s best interior equipment, and yet it should be the epitome of contemporary, exclusive design. The bar has been raised high and the statements are quite ambitious. Nowadays you will not surprise anyone with an electric car. More precisely, those electric cars in the highest price category that are now available are either very well «packaged» production models, for example, #tesla Model S, #lucid Air, or # mercedes-benz EQS, or sports # hypercars like Hispano-Suiza Carmen Boulogne. There was also a wonderful prototype, also a revived brand, this time from Germany, the Borgward Isabella electric car. But things have not gone beyond the prototype presented in the fall of 2017.

So the challenge for today’s owners of the Duesenberg brand is daunting. It is necessary not only to make and display a truly beautiful car equipped with all modern electromobile technologies, but also to be able to put it into production. Moreover, its design must correspond to the status of its predecessor. This is not an easy task. It should be solved by the chief designer of Duesenberg, Chris Reitz, who has experience, including in Alfa Romeo, and who now heads the Rocket Supreme Barcelona Automotive Design House.

The new #duesenberg has already been named

If someone again says that these # electric cars are toys for the rich. Maybe in part they will be right. But in this case, I personally perceive such cars as works of design and engineering. There are mass-class cars, and there is exclusive, as in any other area, there is # ready-to-wear, and there is #haute couture.

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