Dmitry Rogozin against the banks with sprats, and a lucky marketer

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The head of Roscosmos # Dmitry Rogozin on June 5 spoke at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The speech was in its own way very bright and characteristic. Dear readers, do not be surprised by the header. It contains solely words from the direct speech of Rogozin himself. And, apparently, taking an example from the «senior comrades», Dmitry Olegovich never mentioned the name and surname of whom he was so brightly «branded» in his speech.

Eh, from this speech there really is not a very pleasant impression. There is a clear disrespect for a colleague on the workshop, albeit the opponent. I hope for no one to explain to anyone that the «successful marketer» is the # Ilon Mask, and the «bank with sprats» is a #starship,

Come on, with disrespect, it is likely that this style is. Recall the «Batut», at least. This speech, in my personal opinion, goes into incision with the dreams of Soviet engineers, designers, fiction, philosophers. Those people sought to new altitudes, sought to move their dreams of life.

And of course, not all ideas could be realized on the material and engineering base. Modern engineers and designers are available new materials and technologies. And they with a new force, and with new enthusiasm took up a fairy tale to make it possible, creating previously unprecedented ships. And here it is absolutely clear that Rogozin and mask antagonists.

And by the way, when Rogozin says that «the space race is a driver of innovation,» then he involuntarily repeats the words of whose name he never called in his speech, although everyone understood about him. A few years ago, Ilon Mask said that he liked that more companies were engaged in space activities, and that it would be a good space racing — «…

Another unpleasant moment in the speech of Rogozin was the frivolism of statements — «

Today is D.O. Rogozin also «distinguished», another time «subskings» mask

It seems that the head of Roscosmos is still annoyed after the magnificent speech of Ilona Mask before Russian students at the New Knowledge Forum, and the youth accepted him, and how interesting it was that communication.

They spoke almost in the same language. Not in the sense of # Russian or # English, but in the sense of sending, and the visions of the future.

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