Demand for electricity for electric vehicles at RusHydro charging stations puts a new record

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The largest Russian electricity holding

The company reveals new # Charging Stations every month, which meets the demand for charging services, which increases due to the rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles in the Far Eastern region of the country. In the current and third quarter in this region, the company plans to open another 32 charging stations. The main location of the stations will be federal and regional routes to make more affordable and comfortable movement on electric vehicles between the key cities of the Far East.

As you know, since May last year, imported customs duties on electric vehicles were reset. And it became a trigger for significantly growth in the market and fleet of electric vehicles in the country as a whole, and in the Far Eastern region in particular. It is clear that now, and it shows the statistics, the main, and already popular electric vehicles became a used #nissan leaf from Japan. Well, those who like to talk about the «dirty generation» and «electricity from the outlet» I want to remind you that we are talking about charging the company RusHydro, and this means that this is precisely that neither there is «green» electricity. So in our Russian case, the electric vehicles of the Far East, charging the «clean» electricity, 100% the ecology of the region and the country is 100%. But it was a polemical digression from our news, since the relevant issues would still be set by some commentators.

According to RusHydro, in April 2021, the company released more than 30 thousand kW of electricity in its charging stations for a month.

In total, 343 thousand kW * h of electricity were released from the beginning of the network of electric vehicles.

Charger RusHydro is equipped with stations that support different ports of electric vehicles: port for Japanese cars (DC) 50 kW, port for European cars (DC) 50 kW, port Type 1 / Type 2 (AC), 22 kW. Complete charge at maximum power takes about half an hour. Each station can simultaneously serve two electric vehicles.

Let me remind you that the charger RusHydro is a commercial network, and, consequently, the tariff there is commercial, differing from which for most of its own charges are charged with electric vehicles on their night charging, at the night rate. As you know from European statistics, about 75% of charge sessions are on the slow night charging in their garages or parkings near the house.

So, the price of rapid charging is 11.4 rubles / kW * h, and slow 8.29 rubles / kW * h.

Calculate how profitable # electric vehicle is not difficult. And of course it is necessary to take into account the cost of ownership, which includes and # what, repairs, # paid parking, # taxes, and so on.

It was certainly great if in the central part of Russia the same network of charging stations began to create, for example, # Rosatom.

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