Debut of Hydrogen Heavyweight Cars.

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Some time ago, I started asking questions about where Grove Hydrogen Automotive disappeared. From the company, two years after their magnificent premiere and presentation of two luxury hydrogen car models,

But it was a mistaken lull, moreover, that everyone understands what it was connected with. Here we can only say one thing — the central office of the company, where all their developments are created, and prototypes are located in the city of #wuhan, famous all over the world today. So the fact that there was no news from the company for a whole year is not surprising.

But in fact, if there was no news, this does not mean at all that they were not doing anything. Quite the opposite is true. Leaving developed passenger cars in its portfolio, the company turned its attention to the commercial and heavy goods vehicle market. Here the leaders of Grove, in my personal opinion, as a company specializing in hydrogen development, made the right maneuver. While hydrogen cars are not very interesting to most buyers, an interesting competition is brewing in the middle and heavy class. Here it is worth remembering at least #cummins, which has set a course for conquering the market for equipment for hydrogen vehicles, remember the company #nikola Corp, which, in addition to everything, works in conjunction with #iveco. Hydrogen truck projects from #toyota, #daimler Trucks, Hyzon Motors and others can also be added here. So, as they say, they enter this clearing in time. And given the overwhelming support from the Chinese government for the development of these technologies, I have no doubt that Grove Hydrogen Automotive will have all the necessary resources in its hands.

As of February 2021, Grove has applied for 1,579 patents, including 648 invention patents. Over the past two years, Grove has consistently ranked first in the number of fuel cell patent disclosures by auto companies in China, and second in the world. In the areas of power systems, energy management, thermal management, lightweighting and vehicle layout, independent research and development technologies Grove claims to be industry leading.

Grove Hydrogen Automotive

While rivals Grove Hydrogen are only testing prototypes or tinkering with experimental small-scale assembly, the Chinese company says they will start mass production of Zhongji-Tianshu in the third quarter of this year.

From a safety point of view, Zhongji-Tianshu’s high-strength hydrogen cylinder, equipped with a pressurizing mechanism, is said to provide passive safety. The multi-directional hydrogen leakage prevention sensor and communication module also provide active protection against hydrogen.

Z Acer-DI Mansao IT Industry

As we can see, despite all the difficulties of the crisis year, the Chinese innovative automakers not only did not «slow down», but they used the time of the global crisis and lockdown to their advantage. In particular, #grove hydrogen automotive, taking its previous developments as a basis, enters the market of hydrogen trucks and vans. Over the past year, they also built their own plant, which is now at the stage of completing with technological equipment.

So, not only the most interesting electromobile race of manufacturers from all continents awaits us, but the hydrogen race. In what form Russia will participate in it is still difficult to say. I would like it to be more than just a supplier of hydrogen or nickel for batteries.

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