Cyclone is a new wind turbine that prevents worms from crawling out and is safe for birds

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Everyone probably understands the passage, not cast in granite, about worms crawling out of the ground due to the «vibrations» of wind generators. I myself have not witnessed such a thing, but as far as I know, there are no giant wind turbines in Moscow, there is a subway, which in some places is so close to the surface that the vibration from passing trains can be quite felt with your feet. But the ropes creep out into the light of day, and not because of the vibrations of the subway, but simply after each rain. And then millions of earthworms turn into mush under the feet of the townspeople, the wheels of cars, and become food for birds. But few people care about their fate. After all, after the next rain, new ones will creep out.

Yes, the problem of low-frequency noise from wind generators existed, and it was solved. Improved the aerodynamics of the blades, changed the speed of their rotation. But moreover, as far as you know from our materials, today the world trend is offshore, offshore fields of wind farms. Oceans cover about 71% of the earth’s surface, and offshore wind farms are built mainly in a narrow strip of coastal waters. So there is no need to worry about fish, and people who have phobias about wind turbines can sleep peacefully.

But new wind farms are still being built on land, in particular in Russia, in the southern regions, and some technical solutions for this type of renewable generation can be implemented even near the place of residence of people, and at the same time not disturb their peace. A similar option is going to be implemented by a Belgian company

Wingardium Energy took a wind farm as the basis of its project

Kohilo has been supplying its Cyclone turbines to many countries with an interest in clean generation since 2009. They have implemented many projects in the USA, Canada, Israel, Brazil and the Philippines. Now they will try to implement it in the Netherlands. The Belgian company is planning much more than just installing an innovative wind turbine. The design is such that a large space is left under the turbine.

Says Wingardium Energy’s Ludo Loyens, “You can do anything with it. Restaurant, conference room for companies, workplace, playground or shops: anything is possible. And, of course, there will be an energy storage device and charging ports for a variety of electric vehicles. This energy can also be used for electrolysis, which can be used to generate hydrogen for transport with fuel cells. And the water will not be taken from the ground, but it can be rainwater, which will be collected in the internal reservoirs of the station during the rains. We could build these turbines in fifteen, sixteen months. It would be nice if we had such a chance in Waalwijk. «

And here is the attention. Some of those who today support the decision to build this wind farm are local former activists who protested against the «classic» wind turbines. This is the local energy cooperative «Energy Healthy Waalwijk».

“We are still often mistakenly viewed as activists,” said spokeswoman Ilse van den Meidenberg. “It once started as a protest against the plans for wind turbines in Haven Acht. But this is far behind. We want to think about good solutions. This is how contacts were established with Wingardium Energy ”.

So, as you can see, everything flows — everything changes. Those who were against yesterday saw a suitable option for renewable generation, and today they are for it. Renewable energy will develop, and

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