Cummins Marine Virtual Showcase Shows Diesel Giant’s New, Hydrogen Pathway

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Tomorrow, April 14

For three years now, we have watched the diesel industry giant consolidate its hydrogen assets, building, among other things, its own new hydrogen fuel cell plant. There is no doubt that the company is heading towards hydrogen transformation. Moreover, it is this technology that will become fundamental for sea, rail and freight transport, replacing diesel engines there.

Currently, on the maritime direction, Cummins has begun cooperation with the company

The ship called «

The 84-passenger hydrogen ferry is currently being built at the All American Marine shipyard in Bellingham, Washington, with private funding from investment fund SWITCH and a $ 3 million grant from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

In the near future, residents and visitors to San Francisco will be able to enjoy a walk around the bay that won’t be overshadowed by the smoke and noise from the diesel engine. Only the sea and clean air. Well, for

SWITCH Maritime, after the implementation of the project in San Francisco, intends to continue this direction, only this time on the Atlantic coast, in New York. It is planned to launch a fully battery ferry there.

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