Chinese landing module Tianwen 1 with the Jurong rover made a successful landing on Mars

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Today, China has made its next breakthrough in space. At 4 o’clock in Beijing, the landing module with the rover on board separated from the orbiter, and entered the landing trajectory in the southern part of the Utopia plain. The vehicle, which remained in orbit, once again ascended into a «parking» orbit, from which it will provide relay communication with the landing module and the Chzhurong rover.

As with the American #perseverance rover, which landed on the Red Planet earlier this year, on February 18, the landing process had three stages — entry, descent and landing. It all lasted 9 minutes. After aerodynamic braking upon entering the atmosphere of Mars, and the deployment of parachutes, at an altitude of 100 meters above the surface, the lander switched to hover mode to select a more even landing site and a smooth descent. According to the received telemetry signal sent by the #jurong rover, at 7:18 am on May 15, the Tianwen 1 landing patrol landed safely at a pre-selected location. It can be stated that the first part of the #tianwen 1 mission — «Chzhurong» for the exploration of Mars was successfully completed.

This is an absolutely significant event for the Chinese astronautics and aerospace industry in China. They are the main ones in this mission, and the rest of the project participants, from the European Space Agency, Argentina, France, Austria and other international space organizations and national space agencies were partners. China has developed and implemented key technologies for the implementation of interplanetary missions, such as reaching the second space speed, interplanetary flight, communications for measurement and control, as well as a soft landing on another planet.

There is another very interesting solution that was implemented by Chinese engineers. It is known that dust and sand brought by the Martian wind pollute solar panels and other important elements of Martian vehicles. And the Chinese designers of space technology have found an unusual solution, which they spied on our younger brothers. In addition to using a new dustproof material for the rover, the Chzhurong, almost like a dog, can shake off dust and sand with the help of the vibration of its hull.


Head of Roscosmos D.O. Rogozin also tweeted

Mars, like the Moon, is very attractive to all leading space agencies and countries. To be on these planets, to put your flag there, is not just a reputation, and a proof of technical and scientific viability, it is also a bookmark for the future, for the colonization of the planets of the Sol system and, in the future, mining on them. It can be assumed that everyone will again be «put on their ears» # Elon Musk and #spacex, when in three or four years they will launch their autonomous #starship to Mars with the Mars version of #tesla cybertruck as a rover.

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Mars rover «Jurong» has on board several scientific instruments — a multispectral camera, subsurface radar, a detector of the composition of the surface of Mars, a magnetic field detector, a Martian meteorometer, and a camera for surveying the area. In the near future, we will begin to receive the first photos and videos from the planet’s surface, as well as parameters of the atmosphere, weather in the landing area, data on temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, as well as magnetic and gravitational fields on the planet.