Chinese automaker BYD unveils four new battery-powered Blade models

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After the official

byd announced that it is bringing four new models to market —

The Qin PLUS EV sedan and the Tang EV SUV are particularly noteworthy.

Qin PLUS EV is the latest generation electric sedan, with a range

And this despite the fact that in the initial configuration, with a range of everything

What would you choose?

And of course, the car has all the electronic driving assistants accepted today, including those from leading European manufacturers. You can list them for a long time, just know that the electric car is «packed» richly, even in the initial configuration. And he is worth his money for sure.

This seven-seater SUV, as certified by the manufacturer itself, is made taking into account European consumers, and even, as it were, especially for the Norwegian car market. Its interior and all onboard systems are almost identical to those of the Qin PLUS EV. Translated into rubles, it will cost from

Production of the BYD Tang model will begin in the current quarter, and the first deliveries to Europe, particularly Norway, will begin in late summer.

So, we see that the Chinese car industry is becoming more and more interesting, their cars are in no way inferior to European and American manufacturers, and the prices, I will not say, are budgetary, but adequate and competitive. And most importantly, the prices for electric cars are almost equal to the prices for gasoline cars of the same class. And as you understand, by owning an electric car you will save your family budget every day without buying gasoline or diesel at inexplicably exorbitant prices, and you will also contribute to improving the environmental situation in your city, and on the planet as a whole, for which your children will say Thank you.

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