China’s New Blade Battery Breaks the Patterns of Electric Vehicle Myths and Misconceptions Like a Blade

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Chinese automaker BYD, one of the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturers, has unveiled what they describe as its revolutionary lithium iron phosphate Blade Battery. Having passed the next generation of development, stringent tests for durability and safety, the company put this battery on stream, and then end-to-end, presented several new models of electric vehicles, the basis of which will be the new Blade battery.

As you know, one of the «thin» places of all lithium batteries is their mechanical integrity, damage to which previously led to a fire. This is no longer the case today. As the BYD developers say, they were able to make a fireproof # battery. A rigorous mechanical penetration test showed that the surface temperature of the Blade Battery was

One of the test elements of the new battery pack, equipped with the new Blade cells, was the mechanical strength test. And in this form, perhaps, no one has ever conducted such tests. A 46-ton heavy-duty dump truck drove over the battery pack. The Blade battery passed this test successfully, no leakage, no deformation and no smoke. She came out of the test completely intact and ready for use in an electric vehicle. The test results under these extremely harsh test conditions are sufficient to prove the Blade Battery’s superior performance in terms of safety and durability.

Also, one of the most important questions regarding electric vehicles is the resource of the traction battery. Blade Battery by BYD has

BYD also says electric vehicles equipped with the new battery will have

Blade elements are now manufactured at #byd’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chongqing.

In the meantime, #blade batteries have already become the basis for a new line of electric vehicles from BYD. About this in subsequent materials.

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