China showcased the first footage from Mars captured by their rover, and video fragments of the descent to the surface

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Finally, we waited until the Zhurong rover (in Chinese its name sounds like «Zhu Rong»), which landed on the Red Planet, and the Chinese National Space Administration showed us photo in video footage from the planet’s surface, and the moment of descent to the planet.

However, so far we have not seen anything unexpected on the surface of Mars itself. The main thing is that the Zhurong rover landed successfully, softly, and in a given area of the Utopia Plain. The success of the landing is confirmed by the fact that in the photographs we see the lowered guides along which the rover should move to the surface of the planet from the landing module. It can also be seen that the rover’s solar panels have been revealed. Well, the most important confirmation of a successful landing is the photos themselves, and the work of the cameras.

Photos were sent to Earth in black and white and color, as they were taken by different cameras. Black and white photos were taken with the front wide-angle camera, which also serves as the «eye» of the rover to detect obstacles in the direction of travel. The color photo was taken with a navigation camera, now aimed at the tail of the rover.

So now, with good reason, we can state the fact that # China is «putting its flag» on Mars, and this is only the beginning of the future Chinese expansion. After all, they will not want to give up the #USA. I will assume that the next #mars rover will be much larger, it will have a nuclear power plant on board, as well as its own unmanned helicopter, which can surpass the #nasa #ingenuity helicopter in its performance

The Chinese National Space Administration showed a video of the separation of the Mars landing module with a rover on board and the Tianwen-1 probe.

Above is an image of the landing patrol detachment process taken by the surveillance camera of the Tianwen 1 Orbiter.

Currently, project managers and the rover are preparing to exit the rover from the landing platform to blunt the exploration of the surface of Mars. And of course, new photos and videos from the surface of the Red Planet await us.

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