China has left its mark on Mars.

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So, the Chinese rover Chzhurong, named after the Chinese god of fire, descended from the landing platform to the surface of Mars, and began its scientific work. Zhongrong sent the first pictures to Earth showing the moment of rolling off the platform, as well as the first traces of a Chinese rover on the planet’s surface.

China has become the second country on Earth, after the United States, which has so far been able to create, deliver, and begin to explore Mars using a rover. China is still far from the United States before the volume of studies and data obtained from Mars, but a start has been made.

According to the China National Space Administration, China’s Jurong rover descended the landing platform ladder to the surface to begin its mobile mission to the Red Planet at 10:40 Beijing time on Saturday.

The rover will navigate the surface of Mars, collect information in the vicinity of its landing, conduct scientific research with six payloads, including a terrain camera, multispectral camera, subsurface void detection radar, surface composition detector and much more. The scientific program is very rich. It also includes the study of morphology and geological structure, soil features, distribution of water ice, its composition, the study of the ionosphere, climate, atmosphere.

What you should pay special attention to is the landing platform. Descending to the surface of Mars, #jurong photographed his landing module. The photographs clearly show that # the landing platform is in normal condition, no damage or asymmetries are noticeable. This means that the Chinese engineers did an excellent job creating a set of tools, ranging from altitude sensors, angular velocities, and ending with the perfect throttling of the landing engines, which made it possible to successfully pass the most difficult stage — landing on the planet.

The next exam for the Chinese space industry will be testing the rover’s hardware and how long it has been on the planet. If it successfully fulfills the declared 92 sol (a quarter, Earth time), and even more, then this will give China more reason to be proud, and of course to continue and increase its presence on Mars, most likely with drones in its composition.

Now they are preparing, postponed due to the pandemic, the start of the European-Russian project #exomars. It also includes a Mars rover. It is European, but must be delivered to the planet by the Russian landing module Kazachok, which will also serve as a platform for the operation of other scientific instruments placed on it. 10 scientific instruments of the #Kazachok platform were created by Russian scientists.

I would like the landing of the Russian lander to take place normally. But then, I remember — «as you name the ship, so it will float.» I don’t understand the meaning of the platform name. They called him «

It may be a strange association, but from the spacecraft you want seriousness and aspiration for the future. Well, I will refer it only to the aesthetic perception of the name of the device, which of course I wish you success.

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