Chevrolet Bolt on service in a taxi in the city of Minsk

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A Chevrolet Bolt electric car drove up to the charging station in the center of Minsk. I decided to take advantage of the situation and especially for the readers of the information and analytical portal «

The driver Yegor, seeing my attention, with the already worked out gestures made me understand, one minute and I am all in your attention. With a dexterous movement, he inserted the charging cable from the #malanka charging station, then focused on the mobile application, and a minute later the station hummed like a transformer, and the driver calmly walked across the road for his favorite coffee.

He returned and calmly sipping aromatic # coffee, answered my questions.
So, dear, to begin with, the answers to the so-called questions that are asked me very, very often, and if there are unanswered questions, ask them.

Without even hearing any questions, the driver of the #chevrolet bolt electric taxi said: “The car drives in city mode and is fully loaded at freezing temperatures.

It charges in time for a maximum of an hour and a half and immediately explained that a full discharge of the # battery to zero almost never happens, there is always a balance of about 15-25%. Professionals do not charge the batteries until fully charged, 85% of the charge is enough. I explain the reason — due to the fact that after 85%, the charging speed is automatically reduced by the electric car and the charging time increases, and also because the electric car does not like being discharged to zero and charged 100%. # the electric car adheres to the royal way, if you know this topic, this is the middle way — no kinks and frills, the way is reasonable!

The cost of charging exactly at this most expensive fast charging station

Does it break? Yegor continued. Yes it breaks down, this car ran

How much more comfortable it is to drive this car than petrol and diesel, he continued the most popular questions.
So much more convenient, more comfortable and more practical that I no longer drive anything other than an electric car, in principle and in general.
This year, the number of Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles in Minsk will grow many times over, since the car is very practical, all spare parts are available, and they are available from showdowns, and you probably know that it is not cheaper than from showdowns and is required, as a rule , body parts and headlights. Now there are zero duties and for this reason you need to take them, which is what is happening here in Belarus.
In terms of taxiing and the behavior of this car on the road, it is beyond praise and it is difficult to compare with any of the internal combustion engines, they are just prehistoric steam locomotives in comparison with this electric train. There is a Sport button, which makes it possible to start and accelerate almost like #tesla, and there is an Economy button, which makes it possible to increase the mileage, calmly reaching charging, well, recuperation is a separate topic of conversation, here, so to speak, the driving style should be electromobile, if you know what I mean I tell you.

The salon is so comfortable, the trunk is so ordinary. Under the hood, not like a Tesla, you can’t put all sorts of tanks and a suitcase there, but that’s how it should be.
Yes, we have green rooms in Belarus on such cars, is it a privilege, probably yes, a share of respect is already felt, especially from the residents of the first floors of residential buildings, who clearly noticed the soundlessness and complete absence of stinking exhaust from electric trains in the morning in parking lots, in front of their windows …
There is no autopilot on this machine, but this is a separate topic of conversation and very important. In the future, this very autopilot will take away this very work from us, and the future is measured in years and not even five years.
The cost of ordering a taxi for passengers is still the same, but this is not true, it will be fair to make gasoline much more expensive, since you yourself understand what harm to the environment from them …
On this note, Yegor looked at his watch, gesturedly explained that he needed to leave and then remove the plug from the car and set off.
Bon Voyage! Thank you for answering our unasked questions.

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