Car for housewives

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On June 4, Vologda hosted «Electrofest2021 Vologda», where 25 motorists, after a rally through the streets of the regional capital, presented their electric cars.

Then the participants lined up in the central square of the city, where the Vologda ElectroFest took place. Vologda residents could appreciate electric Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, #audi and #bmw, and the top-end #tesla Model X. There are 50 electric vehicles in the Vologda region.


Andrey charges his # electric car at home in the garage. Recharging costs approximately

“When I drive, I have enough charge for a day: I can wind 70-80 km, and when my wife drives, she has enough for a week. A day to travel costs 30 rubles, if at home «refuel». I looked at the counter: car

In the Vologda region today, thanks to the initiative of a private business, there are seven free electric filling stations, and all of them are concentrated in Vologda. The newest one opened at the Electric Transport Festival on June 4. In addition, the resource-supplying organization Severnaya Sbytovaia Kompaniya plans to open two more electric stations in Vologda and Cherepovets.

According to the driver, so far an electric car is a purely urban form of transport, which can be used only to settlements no further than 30 km. And


Vologzhanin believes that the future belongs to electric vehicles in any case: “

But also

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