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This year’s promotion

However, for the active involvement of schoolchildren and students from all over Russia, the organizers are holding a competition. You can take part individually or by a team of like-minded people. The results will be announced on June 5th, during

If you are a high school student or student and would like to participate. Then you need to decide whether you will be alone or with a team of like-minded people.

If you are participating in a team, then register on the site. Tell about the action at a school or institute in a thematic lesson. Organize a collection of used brushes. And then hand them over to the # intersection. Then share the results with the organizers.

If you are an independent participant, then simply return the brushes to the container of the nearest chain store. And then post on the social network a photo with the hashtags Shchetkasdavaysya, Ecoclass, the abbreviation of the educational institution. And also do not forget to invite your friends to participate in the action.

As a result of the competition, three winning teams will be selected. They will receive gifts from the SPLAT company. However, only teams will receive prizes. Individual participants will be awarded with letters of thanks.

The organizers of the action are the SPLAT company, the Perekrestok retail chain, and the portal

For the first time, the organizers held the action in August 2020. Special containers were installed in retail chains throughout Russia. The project is part of the Zero Waste initiative, therefore, it motivates people to responsibly and consciously approach waste recycling.

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