Brekr Model B electric motorcycle — vintage design and great functionality

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The Netherlands is gradually becoming one of the centers of the global electromobility industry. And now I’m not talking about production volumes, which of course will increase from year to year, but about local companies that develop and produce electric vehicles in different segments. From our materials, you know about the #lightyear electromobility company, which has developed and is at the pre-production stage

Also in the Netherlands, a production of the company’s hydrogen trucks is now being created.

But today we are talking about the #brekr company, which created and launched an electric #motorcycle


This is reflected in the Model B’s design, which has a vintage feel to its frame geometry, wheels and optics. And of course #Nikola Tesla was the main inspiration.

Separately, you need to dwell on the battery. The Brekr Model B battery compartment has two slots for battery packs. The capacity of one block is

Battery assemblies are created on the basis of 18650 cells. Due to the fact that the battery assemblies are removable and made in the form factor of a case, # the moped can be charged in any convenient and affordable way — you can use a fast electric charger, or you can take out the unit and charge it at home or in office from a regular outlet. The weight of one block is 10.8 kg.

What’s also noteworthy is that the moped has an acoustic safety system that makes the silent electric moped # audible on the road. The system simulates the sound of the # internal combustion engine. And it will now be the standard option for any electric vehicle produced or sold in Europe.

By the way, at the #Electrotrans 2021 exhibition held in Moscow, our Russian company presented a similar development, but, only, in an even better performance, with greater variability in the choice of sound background.

Many brands are now being born in the electric two-wheeler segment. You can choose for every taste and wallet. And that’s great. A lot of people, gifted engineers with a creative approach find the opportunity to implement their ideas, new jobs are created, a new ecosystem of electric two-wheeled vehicles. And of course, this reduces the use of fossil fuels, which means the air in cities becomes cleaner. Honestly, when 3/4 of cars and city transport in Moscow will be electric, and the haze of smog will no longer hang over the city, then I will replenish my garage with a two-wheeled electric horse. What «breed» it will be, I don’t know yet. But it will be for sure.

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